Tough Pro Work Gloves by Bionic


The toughest Bionic work glove ever! Durable, long-lasting goatskin glove that is comfortable for work or play. Washable goatskin; air dry.


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Try wearing this work glove! Tough Pro work gloves by Bionic bring you comfort and dexterity with any job. Tough Pro gloves flexible goatskin stretch and move when you work. Built by a hand surgeon to take on every task, the Tough Pro work gloves are known for their comfort, flexibility and durability. Customers tell us the Tough Pro gloves fit like batting gloves, but they are workhorses.

Use these tough gloves for work and play. They get wet and then dry soft and ready for use the next time. Delivery personnel, truck drivers, landscapers, ranchers, contractors, outdoor lovers and those who work in their yards love this glove. Fishermen have even used these gloves to withstand jellyfish stings! And, people with arthritis report relief and extra dexterity while wearing these gloves.

Washable, heavy goatskin with silicone palms and silicone fingertips for durability and a great grip. Attractive black and tan or caramel color (some sizes). This glove is only available in men’s sizes small through 6XL; however, women with larger hands can easily wear the small.

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Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 1.5 in

Small, Medium, Large, XLg, 2XLg, 3XLg, 4XLg, 5XLg, 6XLg


Tan and Black, Caramel Brown

Arthritic Hands

Featuring extra support and mild compression, our gloves help reduce pain and discomfort from swollen and sore joints, giving you a better grip. Don't let the pain of arthritis affect your play and/or work. Bionic understands how painful arthritis can be, especially when it stops you from the activities you love. That's why Bionic worked closely with an orthopedic hand specialist to develop gloves for Arthritic Hands. These gloves provide extra support and mild compression to help reduce pain and discomfort from swollen and sore joints, letting you focus on work or a beautiful back yard. Don't let arthritis slow you down – get back to doing what you love with Bionic gloves.


• Bionic Gloves are hand and machine washable (mild detergent, cold water, gentle cycle, no bleach, air dry).
• Wash with Velcro® tab secured tightly to avoid snagging with other garments.
• Washing Bionic Gloves enhances durability and maintains suppleness of leather.


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