Adventure 12″ Over The Calf Sock


The Altera Alpaca Adventure 12″ OTC Heavy Weight Sock is our heaviest sock. We have made recent improvements in durability and warmth. This field sock is the perfect choice for everything from barn chores, winter sports like ice fishing and skiing or just playing in the snow.


Viewing the size chart, select the smaller size if you are between sizes. For example, if you wear a men’s size 9 shoe select a medium.



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Our heaviest weight Alpaca sock. Alpaca (–better than wool) socks wick away moisture while keeping your feet cozy warm in winter. Alpaca wicks so well it is practically waterproof. It insulates 30% better than Merino wool in any conditions warm-cold. They are durable and they are warm. These socks are thermal-regulating and perfect for extreme temperatures or when you need heavy socks while sitting outside at the football games. This field sock is the perfect choice for everything from barn chores and winter sports like ice fishing or just playing in the snow.  Silver technology means anti-microbial with no odor or sweat, and it helps prevent athlete’s feet.  9″ crew socks and “Over the Calf” styes. Sizes medium through XL are available. Made in the USA.

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 2.5 in

 Alpaca features a unique hollow core which allows it to wick moisture away from your skin Alpaca fiber provides up to 30% greater insulation that Merino wool in either hot or cold conditions. Total thermal regulation even when wet!

Odor Free

Silver Infusion Technology: Alpaca fiber is blended with yarn infused with precious metals for naturally odor-free and antimicrobial comfort

Alpaca fiber is processed with a biodegradable citrus-based cleaner. Altera High-Performance Fiber Technology is naturally anti-microbial and flame resistant. Altera enhances the antibacterial properties of the alpaca fiber with an exclusive Silver Infusion Technology, enabling multiple odor-free wears of our alpaca garments without laundering.


Care: Machine wash / never bleach. Tumbler dry low heat or hang dry. Turn inside out for best results.

Thermal Regulation

Thermal Regulation: Alpaca's superior hollow-core fiber insulation is warm in cool weather and cool in warmer weather. This helps regulate body temperature.


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