Classic Sheepskin Outdoor Gloves by Bionic


Extremely comfortable and fitted sheepskin compression glove for sports, riding and driving, hunting, and container gardening.

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We love the feel of the Classic Outdoor Glove! The Classic Bionic glove is a core product in the Hands and Feet Outdoors,® Bionic,® collection. Both men and women love the fit and the feel of this glove.  Customers experience great dexterity with this glove that fits like a “second skin.”  And, its built-in flexibility gives new meaning to, “Fits like a glove.” Neoprene motion zones with a Velcro closure at the wrist add to the hand’s support.

Washable sheepskin gloves remain soft with use.  We have customers that wear this glove when horseback and motorcycle riding, shooting, hunting, light gardening, biking, sports and more.

We also have customers that purchase this glove strictly to soothe their arthritic hands. The Bionic Classic glove was tested and endorsed by the National Arthritis Foundation when first introduced! Dark chocolate, supple sheepskin (Cabretta) with gentle compression prevents or alleviates hand pain. Sizes range from women’s small through men’s 4XL sizes. These gloves are machine washable!

This glove runs 1-2 sizes smaller than other Bionic gloves…see our size chart and order a larger size. We carry sizes to Men’s 4XL in this glove! It is not uncommon for a woman to jump from women’s XLg to a men’s medium or larger. 

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Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 1 in

Women's Small, Women's Medium, Women's Large, Women's XLg, Men's Medium, Men's Large, Men's XLg, Men's 2XLg, Men's 3XLg, Men's 4XLg


The original Bionic glove tested and endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation! Dark chocolate, supple sheepskin (Cabretta) with gentle compression to prevent or alleviate hand pain. Uses include sports, biking, hunting, shooting, driving and light gardening or yard work. The Classic Bionic glove is super comfortable and soft with neoprene motion zones and wrist support with a Velcro closure. Customers experience great dexterity with this glove that fits like a "second skin." Washable leather remains soft.

• Anatomical relief pads help even-out the surface of the hand to naturally promote a lighter, more secure grip.
• Motion zones over knuckles and web zones between fingers promote natural movement to help hands breathe.
• Form-fitting neoprene closure assists the wrists during activities and helps keep debris from entering the glove.
• Supple Cabretta leather and added padding on the palm helps provide enhanced durability.


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