Hands and Feet Outdoors

Hands and Feet Outdoors take outdoor work and play to the next level with Bionic gloves and Altera alpaca socks.

Make your hands Bionic. Wear Bionic gloves for more grip, more strength and more comfort. How can we say this? Bionic gloves are designed by a hand surgeon and structured for strength, comfort and dexterity.

Wear Altera alpaca socks for most comfort, most dry and healthiest feet with added benefits of the anti-microbial silver infusion. Less sweat, no stink, and several weeks of no laundering.

Bionic Glove Collection

Bionic gloves were designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon and originally manufactured by Louisville Slugger. Now, called Bionic Gloves, technology, science, and structure continue as the foundation of every glove in the Bionic Glove line.

Alpaca High-Performance Socks with Silver

Prevail crew socks

Silver infused Altera Alpaca socks are engineered and woven to bring you a high level of quality. Feels like silk, but tough as can be for wearing everyday or in harsh environments. Terry-loop construction for best moisture wicking and silver infusion for natural odor-free and antimicrobial comfort – no stink, no sweat and helps combat symptoms of athlete’s foot. Added bonus, less laundering.

HandsAndFeetOutdoors.com focuses on your comfort and productivity when working or playing in the outdoors. Bionic glove technology combines science and engineering in the design and construction, specific to the task, of every pair of gloves to ensure uncompromising performance.

You will find that the Bionic glove will enhance flexibility, prolong comfort, and add to your ease-of-task. Choose a style and type of glove that fits your activity including:

Ranchers, landscapers, construction worker, delivery drivers …outdoor labor. One tough glove.

Altera alpaca’s technology extends comfort, support, and durability to your feet. All Altera alpaca socks wick water to the extreme, breathe and regulate the temperature in both cool and warm environments, and control the sweat and odor by upping the antimicrobial percentage with infused silver for a healthier, non-sweat, non-stink step.

Hands and Feet Outdoors is a division of The Rose Gardener and Harlane Co, LLC